Let us not loose sight of our goal!!!!

Peace and blissings to all unversal beings on this so called planet earth! This center will serve as a safe haven for community youth as well as elders. This center will provide neighborhood youth a place to learn life skills and educational studies and above all be safe. In this time of after school programs being cut from budgets in schools our youth are left with nothing to do and no where to go. We will offer many workshops to help assist our youth to be ready for life after High School. These workshops will include life skills (how to write a resume, how to handle job interviews, how to dress for job interviews). We will have guest speakers to conduct these workshops and to help prepare the children. Some workshops can be overseen by community elders many of which are retired professionals. This gives them a sense of worth and something to occupy themselves, and it also helps bridge so-called generation gaps as both the elders and the youth learn more about each other. In this time where obesity is a major issue in our communities we will conduct classes and workshops nutrition and healthier living. We will also have a gym. The gym will provide a clean safe environment for our children to play, exercise, and learn the spirit of competition through organized sports. The gym will also be used for self defense classes. We would also have an exercise room for weight training, calisthenics, and aerobics. We will also include a recording studio, photography studio, and other arts and craft studios/workshops (drawing, sculpting, and painting).This will give the members of the center hands on experience with professionals in their respective fields. All these programs are important to the development of the creative skills in our youth. A lot of these programs are no longer available in schools. We will also provide child care services. There are many young mothers in our community that want to work or go to school but they can’t because of the lack of safe places to provide child care. The elders can also be an important part of child care. We will also have a library which will provide our youth with a place to do their homework as well as read up on things that they will not learn in school.
For more information please contact either email address below:

Send donations in the form of a check or money order to:

The Universal Zulu Nation c/o Post Office Box 510 Keskeskeck [Bronx Territory, New York Republic] Postal Zone 75;[10475] (u)nited states of America Republic


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