Let us continue to practice Garveyism by strengthening each others businesses through support, word of mouth, and financial patronage! Zulu Queen Michele is the President of Chapter 76 of the Universal Zulu Nation in Pennsylvania and the Founder of Unifying Through The Hip Hop Culture,Inc. & The Harrisburg City Breakers, as well as a Hip Hop Educator, Hip Hop Historian, Graff Writer, Photographer, Filmer, & Make-Up Artist!

QUEENS PHOTOGRAPHY is a company that specializes 1) Photography 2) Filming 3) Make-up for pictures 4) Photo Shoots For Models, Proms, Weddings, Birthday, Lectures, and/or Concerts!

Zulu Queen Michele, had a vision to unify the inner city Youth, Teachers and Parents through the Hip-Hop culture by incorporating Education, Entertainment, and Art in the curriculum. Ms. Hairston started Unifying Through The Hip Hop Culture in 2001 through researching the youth in the inner- community to learn that they spends 75% of their time watching soft-porn music videos , listening to negative rap music and imitating the art of life that usually ends in violence. Through this, Ms Hairston started incorporating Hip Hop into the lesson plans such as; Math, Phonics, Literacy and Social Studies…

For more information contact Zulu Queen Michele ( MIchele Hairston) on the web:








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