Sam ‘Ahki Samssun’ Robinson was born in Amityville NY September 1974, the birth year of Hip-Hop! He learned of and fell in love with the five elements (emceeing, deejaying, b-boying, graffiti writing, and knowledge) of Hip-Hop early on as a youth, making his first recording at the tender age of eleven! Dabbling in almost all the elements, his two major fortes were Visual Art and Moving the Crowd. In his borough of this cultures Mecca, he spent years honing his craft recording a multitude of promotional material for underground radio, in and out of groups, and putting out independent vinyl and compact disc’s.

Throughout his career he has shared the stage with a host of artists (such as The Cold Krush Brothers, the Krash Krew, the Furious Five, Double Trouble, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Red Alert, De la Soul, Redman, Keith Murray, Common, O.C., Organized Konfusion, and others). These Hip-Hop shows were often part of college tours or at locations such as the Wetlands, S.O.B.’s, the Lennox lounge, the Nuyorican Café, and a long list of legendary hot spots in the Big Apple.

As adults it is our responsibility to first attempt to make change in our own communities, in hopes that the domino effect causes this work to trickle down toward other territories in aims to one day fully cover the entire globe. With this being said to work closely with others and be effective, we should seek those who share our same moral code, cultural awareness, and aspirations. Thus Samssun joined Chapter 25 of the oldest, largest, and most respected grass roots Hip-Hop organization in the world, the Universal Zulu Nation! He is due to release an independent album fall, 2012 (None of the songs on Soundcloud will appear on the upcoming album)!

Hurry up and hear it at:



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