The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show Set for November 2012 in the same month of our Anniversary!


The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards is officially back with the announcement of the 2012 Inductee Class. This will be its first televised awards show since it last broadcast on national television on the BET Cable Network in the 90s.

“We are pleased to announce this year’s Hall of Fame inductees, who represent a broad spectrum of Legendary DJ’s, Artists, Groups, Producers, Dance Crews, Graffiti Artists, and Films that define Hip Hop Music & Cultural History predating 1985 ”, says show Creator and Executive Producer James JT Thompson.

The Inductees are:

Our founder Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Sugar Hill Gang, Mercedes Ladies, Chief Rocker BusyBee, The Funky 4+1, Kurtis Blow, The Sequence, Treachorous Three, Fearless Four, and Whodini

Movie: WildStyle
Graffiti: Style Wars Documentary
Dance Crew: The Nigga Twins and The RockSteady Crew
DJ’s: DJ Hollywood, Lovebug Starski, DJ AJ, Mr. Magic, and Grandwizard Theodore

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Induction Ceremony and Concert will take place in November 2012 in NYC. It will feature a week of special events and community outreach activities, including unveiling the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum, proposed Exhibits & Attractions, Historical Tours, the All-Star Concert Series, a Hip Hop History Panel discussion on C-SPAN, VIP Mixer, Red Carpet Event, and Pre Event and Post Event Party celebrations. These events will be coordinated in the coming weeks with the City of New York, Community Organizations, Arts & Educational Institutions, Record Labels, and Music Distributors.

The July Hip Hop Hall of Fame ‘All Star’ Concert was postponed to film as part of the Documentary entitled ‘This is a Journey… The Hip Hop Hall of Fame History Story’ during the Awards show week of activities.

For more information on the web:


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