The following about my Brother was taken from his official Biography – King Khazm has been a formative force in the Seattle Hip Hop scene for years, and his momentum as an artist, emcee and community organizer has only grown since he co-founded MAD Krew in 1995, a Hip Hop crew that quickly evolved into an influential multimedia production company. MAD Krew’s release of the Hip Hop documentary video, ‘Enter the Madness’ in 1998, helped exposed Pacific Northwest Hip Hop to a national view, a scene the crew was pivotal in cultivating through the organization and production of many hip hop shows and events. Khazm produced and co-founded Hip Hop 101, a live weekly television show that exposed local and national Hip Hop artists which broadcasted on regional cable and on online from 1999-2009. Khazm also co-founded Zulu Radio, a weekly broadcast on KBCS 91.3 fm that continues today, dedicated to diversifying the Seattle airwaves with new school, old school, independent, and local Hip Hop.

As an artist, Khazm’s contributions to the culture have been significant as well. Since he began emceeing in the mid/late 90’s and started producing music, he has released various material as an artist and as a record label FCB/MADK; with the likes of Dume41, Khingz, Gabriel Teodros, Suntonio Bandanaz, Specs and others on a number of compilations and projects. He has shared stages with Afrika Bambaataa, Gza, Abstract Rude, Grandmaster Caz, Naughty By Nature, and other Hip Hop legends throughout the country. His breadth and skill as a visual artist fueled his work in graphic design, and his art installations have been featured in various art and graffiti exhibitions, such as Consolidated Works and The Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle.

It was Khazm’s commitment and dedication to Hip Hop culture, paired with his desire to establish and spread a deeper understanding of Hip Hop’s roots, which set the context for his work with Universal Zulu Nation. After receiving recognition for his contributions to the culture from Afrika Bambaataa and the World Supreme Council of the UZN, along with overwhelming community support on the local level, he founded 206 Zulu – UZN Seattle Chapter in 2004.

Khazm’s current pursuits in Hip Hop activism, his participation in the curriculum development and delivery of Hip Hop classes, workshops, panel discussions, and other educational-oriented activities centered on youth empowerment, has led him to a more comprehensive perspective of Hip Hop in the global age and its role in society. In 2006, Khazm received an award for Community Leadership from Seattle Mayor Nickles. Then in 2010, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn honors King Khazm and the Seattle Hip Hop community with an official Proclamation; November as Hip Hop History Month. He aims to expand Hip Hop’s role in youth and community empowerment.

Seattle Hip Hop bedrock King Khazm (MADK & 206 Zulu) springs a leak to the upcoming flood with “Drip Drop Drizzle”, a banging anti-summer, summertime ode to Seattle Hip Hop. Produced by heavy-hitter Bean One and cuts by DJ Tecumseh, this tribute sheds a new light on the famously grey town skies with anthem authority. Poignant bars punctuated by deep, contagious bass (and shouts to an impressive list of Seattle scene cornerstones) make this track a formidable reintroduction of a veteran artist. This initial dip into Khazm’s upcoming musical endeavors captures the artistic foundation of a man that is known locally and nationally for his dedication to culture and community. “Drip Drop Drizzle” is sure to resonate with young and seasoned listeners alike. Enjoy this free debut single, and stay tuned for more to come!

Download the free single here:

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