Zulu Funk Alert: Methuzulah Gem


Atlanta Emcee Methuzulah Gem, aka Elijah Lee, is AmaZulu, a UZN Charter leader, and one of Atlanta’s best MCs, that has a handful of releases in the works to prove it! 2013 was a year Methuzulah shined his brightest yet. In July there was The Ventriloquist Album, produced bySpitzwell from the Beat Gods, featuring Boog Brown, Rasheeda Ali, Yamin Semali, Ras Kofi, Nikki Slick of Slick & Rose, and Minister Server. In September he released Indian Stylewhich is a free promotional project where he jacked 12 of Apollo Brown’s best tracks. Then in January 2014 he is scheduled to release the ClanThuzulah EP, titled Phantom of the Chakras. All of those tracks were produced by Clan Destined. He is also working on separate projects with Illastrate and Locsmif as well as Miranda Writes, Samssun, & others.

Be on the lookout for the Ahki:






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